NISM Certification For Career In Financial Sector (Is It Useful??)

Many students ask whether they can use NISM certification for career if they are already in jobs? Some candidates want to know to get a job with passing these exams. Some students are looking for these to add extra qualifications in their resume.  Can these nism certification modules are suitable to all of them?  The good news is that these certifications are suitable for all those persons.  Its useful for better job growth, entry into financial markets for job or adding edge to one’s resume while attending interviews.

Before we see whether passing nism modules can help in this regard, let us know a little about NISM.  National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) got its foundation with the budget of 2005-06.  In that budget the finance minister has proposed for it’s establishment.  It was mentioned that he is proposing to authorize SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) to setup NISM.  The purpose of this new establishment is felt to provide the following.

1.  To teach Intermediaries in Securities market.

2.  To give Training to intermediaries involved in the functioning of securities market.

3.  And to promote research activities for increasing participation in securities market and enhance quality of standards at various levels.

NISM Certification For Career (Job Or Own Business)

So, we can see that NISM is an educational initiative of SEBI.  We also know that SEBI is financial markets regulator in India.  This itself carries a lot of weight to the certifications of NISM.  More than that, SEBI mandates most of these financial certifications to securities market participants. Persons who are associated with various activities of securities market like stock exchanges, mutual fund houses etc., require these.  Due to this fact of mandatory requirement of most of these certifications to work for specific roles, NISM Certification For Career is definitely useful.

For example, there are thousands of stock brokers and sub brokers who operate all over the country.  Most of them deals with clients dealing in equity derivatives segment of recognized stock exchanges like NSE, BSE or MCX-SX.  To execute such orders from clients each terminal must have an approved user.  Each approved user is mandated by SEBI to have NISM Equity Derivatives Exam Certificate (NISM Series – VIII).  Without passing the exam one can not operate and execute trades on behalf of their clients.

Similarly, NISM series V A Mutual fund distributors exam is mandatory for persons associated with Mutual fund industry.  It can be distribution and advising of mutual fund investments.  Even independent financial advisers who sell mutual funds on individual basis must have this certifications.  Most people often do not know that mutual fund distributors require this.  The confusion is due to the fact that, distributors usually display their AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds In India) ARN (AMFI Registration Number) while selling mutual funds.  But to register with AMFI and get theri ARN one must pass this financial certification module conducted by NISM.

When we talk of suitability of NISM certification for career, we just do not mean a job with some institution.  Career can be establishing own business either as sub- broker for carrying out transactions in stock exchanges or be an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) to distribute mutual funds.  In fact most of the people complete these nism certifications for starting their own business.

Whether its for a job with some financial institute or for establishing a business on their own in securities market, one must consider passing nism certifications.  In some cases one can employ a person with these certificates and carry on the business.  But having own certification is beneficial even for gaining knowledge in their own business.  The best thing is passing these exams need not be a hectic task and one can pass them with reasonable effort.