Revised NISM Certification Registration Process

All the candidates who have to register for NISM Certification exams need to go through the Revised NISM Certification registration process.  This will be effective from 09 Apr 2017. Earlier the registration process of NISM Certification requires Scanned Copies of PAN Card and Photograph.  But AADHAR scan copy is made mandatory for new registrations for candidates who register o NISM Certification portal from 09 Apr 2017.

The change is applicable for candidates of NISM Certification examinations, Continuous Professional Education (CPE) Programs or e-CPE Programs.

Scanned Documents Required for Revised NISM Certification Registration Process

PAN Card:  Scanned PAN Card image with size not to exceeding 1 MB. Make sure there are no special characters in the file name of scanned PAN Copy. It should contain alphabets, numbers, hyphen, spaces only.  If scanned image is more than 1 MB it can be edited in MS paint (Available free cost cost with all windows Operating systems).  Just select resize option and change % so that new image size becomes less than 1 MB.

PHOTO : The following specifications must be followed while using scanned photograph.

  1. The photograph must be less than 6 months old. The photograph must be of passport size and in jpeg/jpg format.
  2. The photograph must be at least 2 inches x 2 inches (51x51mm)
  3. The photograph must be coloured.
  4. There should be no other objects in the photos –no toys, decorations or other people.
  5. The focus must be clear and sharp.
  6. The image should be front facing – photos showing profiles or taken from oblique angles are not accepted
  7. Full face of the candidate must be visible in the photograph.

Photograph of the candidate is mandatory for appearing for examination.  Candidates may not be allowed to appear for examination without uploading proper photograph.

If you are facing problem in uploading PAN try to change the name as per the above specifications and also try to change the jpg to JPG.

No Auto Approvals for New Registrations

At present one can visit NISM Certification Registration Portal register with their details.  They need to upload PAN Scan copy and scan copy of their photograph.  After submitting the form, they receive an email for the mail id they have registered with.  Once they click the link of NISM from their registered mail id, their account gets activated.  They can immediately start registering for the examination.

The process is no longer automated. Henceforth, all the fresh registrations done on NISM certifications website are not auto approved.  They are approved manually after verification by NISM Staff.  It means it takes time from the time of registration to activation of the account.  As per the data, it may take up to 3 Working Days (Excluding holidays) for an account get approved.  As one can register for NISM Exam / CPE / e-CPE one should register at the earliest possible to get accounts approved well in time.  It may take longer time too if some data / scan images are not in order.

At present NISM registration form has option to enter AADHAR Number and Passport numbers which are optional.  But from 09 April entering AADHAR Number and uploading scan image of AADHAR mandatory.

Instructions of Existing Registered users of NISM Certification Portal

If candidates are already registered before this change, they can register for exams or CPE programs.  But certifications will be given only after updating AADHAR data along with scanned image.  This need to be approved by NISM like new registrations

Existing candidates can go to their Profile page and Edit the details to include AADHAR Number and scan image.  If any other mandatory details are missing, they need to fill them too at the time of update.  Once they are approved, they can get certificates as usual.

As the changes are taking effect from April 9, to update the process, the site will be on maintenance on 09th April 2017.