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RARE Academy is one of the best training institutes in guntur, Andhra pradesh.  RARE academy is established with an aim of providing much needed skills for candidates looking for a career in financial sector.  Our coaching for nism certifications and ncfm training is not limited to curriculum for the module.  We put more stress on the practical application of the knowledge for the particular certification.  In recent skill survey  studies carried out on many college students of various streams, it is found that most of the pass outs do not have employable skills.  This is one of the most common issues faced by students while attending interviews.  Lack of skills often result in denying of jobs.

NISM Training Institutes in Guntur

RARE Academy, 3/7, Brodipet, Guntur – 522002

We focus on required skills for performing the jobs.  For example, we provide practical training for all the students who undergo nism series viii certification for equity derivatives module.  The practical training includes all the daily routine one is expected to do while in job as terminal operator. Most fundamental mistake most candidates do is just pass the exam and get certified without any practical knowledge.  NISM Certification or NCFM certifcates can take one for interviews for the job but without practical knowledge its very hard to get a job.

Our practical training includes hands on practicals in our computer lab on trading terminals, technical analysis software, back office operations etc.,  Although passing one NISM exam may be enough to get a job one needs to know more than the subject matter for the exam.  Many times candidates need to answer clients with questions which are not part of the certification.  For example if some one passes derivatives module, the same person may need to place orders for cash (capital market segment) too.  But most people are not competent enough to deal that segment.  The problem is that Both NISM and NCFM certifications are too modular in nature.  We take a holistic view of trading operations and teach what is need to be known by the candidates to deal with their clients.

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Our approach in training is a fusion of theory and practicals.  Its our belief that equipping a candidate well to deal with clients requires a focus both on practicals and theory.  Our classes are conducted in highly interactive manner to allow students of our NISM training institutes in guntur to get the best out of the training.

We DO NOT offer job guarantee nism courses or ncfm courses.  In fact, we project our nism training classes and ncfm certification courses as skill improvement, career oriented programs.  We do not offer them as instant job offering courses.  Some candidates often ask for job guarantee with our NISM certification training too as some others are advertising for it.  But as insider in the industry, we know the limitations of such offers.

Most people think without such assurance there is no use of joining training institute for NISM or NCFM coaching.  But these certifications will give edge for students in finance domain while attending interviews.  These financial certifications show that the candidate has domain knowledge and more importantly to learn and improve skills in the field of study.

We are committed to offer quality training for NISM and NCFM for students and other professionals in and around Guntur and Vijayawada.  Training is provided by highly qualified finance professional with impeccable knowledge and experience at practical level.  Our Chief Trainer is a CFA from ICFAI, practicing Certified Financial Planner with NSE Certified Market Professional (Level 4) Certification.  He is also NISM empanelled trainer for CPE programs.  If you are looking for a career in financial markets with NISM or NCFM certifications, we invite you to visit our institute to experience the difference with other similar institutes.  We assure you best training and provide an edge while looking for a job.