What is NCMP -NSE Certified Market Professional And NCMP Levels

NSE Certified Market Professional (NCMP) certificates are issued by National Stock Exchange of India.  NSE issues these NCMP certificates to the candidates who successfully pass NCFM Modules.  One must pass minimum 3 modules to get NCMP – Level 1 certificate.  There are total 5 levels in NCMP or NSE Certified market professional.

There is no separate test or examination or program for this purpose.  NCMP concept is introduced by NSE to reward finance professionals with more NCFM certifications. These ncmp levels 1-5 helps candidates to show their skills in finance domains.

Levels in  NSE Certified Market Professional -NCMP

Candidates with selected valid ncfm certificates are eligible for ncmp certification.  Passing three valid modules will be awarded with level 1.  Passing 11 or more modules will give eligibility for level 5, which is highest ncmp level at present. Below are the details of various ncmp levels and modules to be passed to get certificate for that level.

Level 1 3 – 4 modules
Level 2 5 – 6 modules
Level 3 7 – 8 modules
Level 4 9 – 10 modules
Level 5 11 or more modules

For counting the passed modules only certificates which are valid are counted. It means if any passed ncfm modules are time barred and not valid then they will not be counted towards ncmp certification eligibility.  Further, each module is counted only once. It means one module is counted only once for this purpose.  In other words, if a candidate passes same module more than once and is valid, it is counted as passing one module for this purpose.  This is to avoid misusing the system of passing easier module more than once to reach higher levels.  It gives credibility to ncmp certifications as higher levels indicate vast domain knowledge in finance markets.

There can be occasions when one reaches a higher level by skipping some intermediate ones.  This happens due to the time taken by NSE to award these certificates.  NCMP certificates eligibility is checked on monthly basis.  Highest possible level is awarded at the time of issuing the certificate.  For example if a new candidate for ncfm passes 5 modules in 2-3 days time, he will be given Level 2 certification directly without level -1 as at that time it is his highest eligible one.  If you are planning to have certificates for all levels, its better to give some gap between these modules.  This will help to have all ncmp levels certificates get issued.

As can be seen NSE conducts so many ncfm modules ranging from basic to advanced.  For awarding ncmp certification there is restriction on how many beginner modules one can include for it.  For level 1 only one beginner module is considered. For level 2 to 5, a maximum of 2 beginner level modules are considered.  However there is no such restriction on other modules.  One can reach level 5 even without writing any beginner module.  As mentioned earlier all modules are not considered for awarding ncmp certification by NSE.  Follwing are the Eligible modules for this purpose.

Sr. No. Name of Module
1 Financial Markets: A Beginners’ Module
2 Mutual Funds : A Beginners’ Module
3 Currency Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module
4 Equity Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module
5 Interest Rate Derivatives: A Beginner’s Module
6 Commercial Banking in India : A Beginner’s Module
7 Clearing Settlement and Risk Management Module
1 Back Office Operations Module
2 Banking Sector Module
3 Capital Market (Dealers) Module
4 Commodities Market Module
5 Derivatives (Advanced) Module
6 Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module
7 FIMMDA-NSE Debt Market (Basic) Module
8 Financial Market (Advanced) Module
9 Fundamental Analysis Module
10 Insurance Module
11 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management Module
12 Macroeconomics for Financial Markets Module
13 Merger & Acquisitions Module
14 Mutual Funds (Advanced) Module
15 NSDL–Depository Operations Module
16 Operations Risk Management Module
17 Options Trading (Advanced) Module
18 Options Trading Strategies Module
19 Project Finance Module
20 Securities Market (Advanced) Module
21 Securities Market (Basic) Module
22 Technical Analysis Module
23 Wealth Management Module
24 Venture Capital and Private Equity Module

Out of 7 beginner modules maximum two are considered. One can reach level 5 by writing any 11 or more from 24 other modules too.

I am ncmp level 4 qualified and at present not writing any more modules.  Some new and interesting modules like Venture Capital and Private Equity Module are introduced recently, which I may consider to take in future.  NCMP certification is a good way to show your skills in finance domain.