CFP Mock Tests

CFP mock tests are based on the syllabus prescribed by FPSB India (Financial Planning Standards Board India) for CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Certification Examinations.  To complete Education and Examination part of CFP one needs to pass Exams 1-4 and Advanced Financial Planning (Exam 5).

First 4 exams are of 2 hours duration.  It consists of 77 Questions with marks ranging from 1-4.  Exam 5 or Advanced Financial Planning is based on two case studies.  These are randomly given in exams out of the probable case studies given to students around a week before actual exam

CFP Mock tests helps candidates to test their theoretical and numerical skills to pass the examination.  These tests are not intended to replicate the actual cfp examination but are intended to given an idea of the exam format.  Also students who are using spreadsheets for solving their numerical questions are advised to be prepared to work in Open Office Calc as some of the NSE IT exam centers provide only open office.  The major difference between Open Office and Microsoft Office spreadsheets is, use ; (semi-colon) in the place of ,(comma) while using functions.